Marija Lemps, geboren te Oostburg rond 1655, overleden aldaar op 7 augustus 1696, dochter van Abraham Lemps en Adriaentje Louwerens.

Zij was gehuwd met
Zeger Goethals, geboren te Kaprijke-BelgiČ rond 1648, overleden te Oostburg op 21 april 1706, zoon van Abraham(?) Goethals en Josina van Aalst ??.

On 11-10-1688 Seger Goethals' name was entered in the " Poortersboek "
( Citizens-book ) of the city of Oostburg, where he took the oath in the name of God , to obei the laws of the city and in that manner he became officially a citizen of the city of Oostburg. The entry in the Poortersboek also said that he was a man of 40 years of age , born in the village of Capricke, which is now Kaprijk in Belgium.

By looking at the first-names of his children and at the names of the birth-witnesses one can come to the conclusion that his parents might have been Abraham Goethals and Josyna van Aalst , however , no official records to that effect have been found.

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