Wanted Nice Dog’s Dyunah Lamleh “Dyunah”
                 Informatie / information:
Showrate: Excellent, Best Junior
Born: 15 May 2011
HD-A, patella free
Eyes clear
NCL both parents tested Clear (USA)
Size: 36 cm

pictures taken with 4-5 year

Sumanshu Lord of the Dance
Colour: Sable w. White.  


Wanted Nice Dog’s Fou Ravelor Lamleh
Colour: Black & White

Silveridge Harlequin Quill
Colour: White & Black

Sheydon's Tsepame Nam Dag
HD - A
Colour: Sable

Ch. Woodruff’s Yam Tshem-Po
HD - A (import USA)
Colour: white & Black

Kyeri’s Zangtangsi
HD - A (import Canada)
Colour: Black  
Tsering Dzongka Nima of Silveridge (UK)
HD - 4:6  Colour:Tri Colour
Silveridge Elk Wing Paradun (UK)
HD - 3:6  Colour: Black
Sheydon's Dondul Gyalpo
Sheydon's Pema
Ch. Woodruff’s Nyi-Ma Thik-Pa (USA)
HD - Good  Colour: Black
Ch Woodruff’s Hannah-B (USA)
HD - Excellent  Colour: Black
Ch. Tsering Yochatso Dawa
HD - Excellent (import UK)   Colour: White w. Brindle
Ch Kyeri’s Tashilhunpo (Canada)
HD - Good  Colour: Black