Last Updated 03/01/2015


BE CAREFULL: I am just warned that there is a scammer active on the sales & wanted page. He reacts on the wanted adverts with parts he does not have!!!

What’s new in last update:  Sales & Wanted Page updated. MK 7FS112 Sold. MK11a Unknown 5 removed. MK3 9672 updated. MK3 8564 new owner. MKIII 1800S 18008 new. MK11 7B230 new photo’s. MK11A 7F354 sold.

Number of Jomar’s / Grantura's official in Registry so far: 203

Dear TVR Grantura owner and enthusiast,


We are happy to welcome you at our Grantura Registry and we are looking forward for your shared experiences and project(s) with all the other registered members on our website. By sharing your project status and technical advises, you support fellow Grantura owners worldwide, inspiring and stimulating others to complete their project(s) and share solutions to solve (technical) problems as well. Our aim is to create a registry that gives a clear view of the actual surviving Grantura cars worldwide.

We are very interested in finding as many of these vehicles as possible. If you own one of these rare cars, or just know of the whereabouts of one, please send email (When you are the owner please send: Owners Name, Building year of the car, Type of Grantura, Production Number, Country, Digital photos and a little story about your TVR) to the Webkeeper so he may try to trace it down.

We will treat the information supplied by owners as confidential by default. The online Registry will consist of an owner's name, and production number of his vehicle, and maybe an email address. The name, and serial number will be left as anonymous if the owner desires so. A spot will be left available for a picture and additional info if the owner desires so. For those interested in cars or parts for sale, We have a Sales&Wanted page.


We also want to inform you about a related Facebook page, called ‘International TVR Grantura Owners Group’ which is only accessible for registered TVR Grantura owners, who are registered via our page.
Access can only be obtained by us, also to secure your privacy. If you would like to be connected to this Facebook page, please make sure you get connected via your Facebook page to Serge Geertse
(administrator of the Grantura Registry) and you will be automatically redirected to the ‘International TVR Grantura Owners Group’.


For further information required or questions, please get in touch with Webkeeper


Klaus Witzig; Grantura body info and my cars;