Linking Xnos the the linux kernel.

A simple example for a slip link via a linux tty/pty pair

Attach the linux side first using the standardly installed program
called 'dip'.

Create a small script called in /etc/rc.d/

get $remote
get $local
port /dev/ptypa
mode slip
# END.

As root do; 'chmod a+x'
That makes it executeable.

In your autoexec.nos file you will need to add;

attach asy ttypa - slip sl0 1536 256 9600

Use ifconfig to configure the interface like any other.
Start the linux side first.
Now start Xnos.
The linux side will automaticly get a route added to nos,
You then use the relavant Xnos 'route add' command to place
a route to
Thats it.

Question: How do i get Xnos to see AX25 interfaces which have been attached under the Linux AX25 stack.

Here is an example, it concerns an scc card attached and configured
under the linux side. Of course it could also be a TNC attached with
'kissattach' as shown on one of the other pages on this site.
No other configuration has taken place, it has simply beed attached,
and configured with 'ifconfig'
ifconfig scc0 hw ax25 zz1zz-15
"Nothing more".
In /etc/ax25/axports the relavant line is;

scc0 ZZ1ZZ-15 4800 256 4 scc0

net2kiss -i scc0 /dev/ptypb &

net2kiss simply listens to /dev/scc0 and pipes what it receives
to the ptypb pipe device.
The relavant line for autoexec.nos is.

attach asy ttypb - ax25 ax0 1024 512 9600

Once again start the linux side first, then start Xnos.

Question: How can i get my linux node to connect to my jnos with ax25. I want this because if an alias is used in node.conf for telnet then the user has to login.

This involves another tty/pty pair, you need another callsign + ssid
defined in /etc/ax25/axports.
ax0 ZZ1ZZ-14 9600 256 4 ax0

You could in theory use KISS-0 as the callsign as it is an "internal"
link and does not get propergated anywhere when configured this way.

Add something like the following to /etc/ax25/ax25d.conf
default * * * * * * - root /usr/sbin/node node

You possably think, hey, he's forgotten the -14, my interface is
ZZ1ZZ-14, yes it is, but you can define which callsigns you want to
using the VIA option.

kissattach is used to up the linux interface.
kissattach -l -m 256 /dev/ptypc ax1

attach asy ttypc - ax25 ax0 1536 256 9600
kill the ax25d process (if running) and restart it.
killall ax25d
ax25d -l &
start Xnos or attach the interface if its running.
Tweak Xnos as normal with asyconfig or ifconfig.
In linux node one can now do;
c ax0 zz1zz

You can of course define an alias for the jnos callsign,
alias jnos "c ax0 zz1zz"
Its all as easy as that.
Richard Adams PA3GCU,
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