Uppervalley Silverfoot P
portrait of Silverfoot P

Colour: Black smoke
Born: 11 March 2005

Sire: Furkats Cosmos
Dam: Furkats Silvertoes

Inbreeding complete: 14 %
Clones: 23,0 %
Top 2: 28,3 %
Top 3: 41,2 %
Top 5: 54,8 %


Sadly we lost our Sil on Monday 7 July 2008

SIL, I miss coming home to find you waiting for me at the door .... your purrs .... your sweet voice
.... your great character .... to hear your poly paws walking around in the house
.... the way you put your front paws in front and stretch yourself out while you approach me to say "Hi"
.... to see you on your climbing post in the garden watching the birds, chilling out and scratching the pole
.... your curiosity .... your enthusiasm for the 'clicker training' which you from day one welcomed with sweet purring and making biscuits:-)
.... your sunny character .... the way you waved your tail in the air making an S
.... to have you lying above my head on my pillow on the days we could stay in bed a little longer and when you would stretch one of your poly feet out touching my face
.... your clownish actions .... your ways of trying to get my attention
.... how you looked when you slept in your basket
.... how you started to purr when I would hold you in show stretch position
.... how gentle you were at the vets .... how sweet you were .... how soft your black smoke coat felt
.... your soft paws .... your easy going personallity .... your green eyes
.... how you would walk one step in front of me when I would come to get you out of the garden to go inside, you would wait till I was next to you and you would pull your head in your neck, waiting for me to pet your head and then this ritual would continue, till we were inside near your food bowl, and then you would start to eat:-)
.... the way you would make a high back, walking away sideways while making a sound that asked "catch me if you can" , this way persuading me to play with you:-)
I miss you ....
Thank you for .... your unfailing patience with me, when I was making it many hours, until your bathing, blow drying and combing session for a show was finally done
.... for letting me brush your teeth without being nasty to me:-)
.... showing your trust in me.
Too soon, too young .... my sunshine has gone ....


Silverfoot P in the garden Sil comes all the way from the US and lives with my daughter.
He's a cheerful and very curious chap who can enjoy himself very easely. The garden is his favourite spot, where he can be good for hours chasing flies, peering at birds, watching the activities in the gardens and playground behind and do some snoozing.
As soon as he hears the sound of the trainer clicker, he comes out dashing... because this means treats! He also loves to play with his little mouse, which he soccers trough the whole room then.
He's a very friendly, social and easy going boy without being a softy.

Sil is overall well proportioned. He has beautifully placed ears, a good profile and a very long body. Further he's a black smoke with very pretty green eyes. His imperturbable character and the fact that he's a polydactyl, make him very special.
Thank you Gordon for this sweet boy.
More information and photos of Silverfoot P can be found on the following link: http://www.polytrak.net/mcpi/featured_polys.htm

Silverfoot P in the garden